ZTR-Inform: I-II quarter 2019 80.3 Кб

ZTR-Inform: I-II quarter 2019

Alternative energy is the future

14th International Exhibition “Power Uzbekistan -2019”

ZTR will manufacture the fourth transformer for the Dniester PSP

PJSC "ZTR" signed a contract for the supply of equipment for the Sashuala hydropower plant under construction, Georgia

ZTR-Inform: IV quarter 2018 361 Кб

ZTR-Inform: IV quarter 2018

Monitoring, Diagnostics and Control System of transformer and reactor equipment "ESMDU-TRANS" manufactured by PJSC "Zaporozhtransformator"


Painting process at ZTR complies with International Standards

The 23rd Belarusian Energy and Environmental Forum "ENERGY EXPO"

ZTR-Inform: III quarter 2018 452.92 Кб

ZTR-Inform: III quarter 2018

ZTR has delivered the shunt reactor to Latvia

ZTR visited Annual International Exhibition CWIEME

Ukraine marches confidently towards energy independence with reliable ZTR equipment

ZTR-Inform: I quarter 2016 1624 Кб

ZTR-Inform: I quarter 2016

  • New technological solutions implemented at ZTR
  • New test stand is implemented
  • Innovative design solutions
  • 'Zaporozhtransformator' PJS summed up the work of service centre in 2015
ZTR-Inform: II quarter 2015 1858.04 Кб

ZTR-Inform: II quarter 2015

  • Delivery of a shunt reactor to Vietnam
  • New test stand is implemented
  • Overall results of work of the service center in 2nd quarter of the year
  • Hand-power hydraulic press is implemented for molding of cable thimbles
  • ZTR management system meets the requirements of Bureau Veritas Certification
ZTR-Inform: I quarter 2015 1845 Кб

ZTR-Inform: I quarter 2015

  • PJSC 'Zaporozhtransformator' improves quality of insulation
  • ZTR service center realized assembly of 32 transformers and 7 reactors in 1st quarter of the year
  • Reactor produced by PJSC 'ZTR' was successfully set in operation at the substation in Vietnam
  • ZTR transformers are delivered to the Argentinean port Zarate with success
  • Sports palace of PJSC 'ZTR' is one of the biggest in the city
ZTR-Inform: IV quarter 2014 2486 Кб

ZTR-Inform: IV quarter 2014

  • Supply of 26 transformers and reactors for NEC 'Ukrenergo'
  • 'Zaporozhtransformator' PJSC invests into production and development of technologies
  • ZTR has been successfully audited by National Accreditation Body of Ukraine
ZTR-Inform: III quarter 2014 1081 Кб

ZTR-Inform: III quarter 2014

  • ZTR transformers and reactors for Jordan
  • Positions of 'Zaporozhtransformator' PJSC are improved in the markets of Central Asia and Transcaucasia
  • ZTR Palace of Sport is one of the best in the city region
ZTR-Inform: II quarter 2014 1891 Кб

ZTR-Inform: II quarter 2014

  • ZTR improved its position in the market of Latin America
  • Phase-shifting transformers - special type of electrical equipment
  • Certification field of ZTR management system is extended
ZTR-Inform: I quarter 2014 714 Кб

ZTR-Inform: I quarter 2014

  • New orders for Asian and American markets
  • ZTR makes investments to production and technology development
  • ZTR has participated in major exhibition in Middle East
ZTR-Inform: IV quarter 2013 324 Кб

ZTR-Inform: IV quarter 2013

  • ZTR transformers will be supplied to Argentina
  • Up-to-date designs were represented by ZTR at International conference in Turkmenistan
  • The tender has been won for Stakhanovsk Ferroalloy Plant
  • Correspondence to the National Quality Management System Standard was confirmed by ZTR
  • ZTR transformers will be delivered to Kazakhstan
ZTR-Inform: III quarter 2013 398 Кб

ZTR-Inform: III quarter 2013

  • ZTR test station ensures testing of the equipment of maximum capacities and voltage classes
  • ZTR test laboratory corresponds to international standards
  • New magnetic core equipment was implemented by ZTR
  • ZTR has proved the compliance with International Standard ISO 3834
ZTR-Inform: II quarter 2013 299 Кб

ZTR-Inform: II quarter 2013

  • Unique equipment will be supplied by ZTR to Angola
  • ZTR will supply transformers for the capital of Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Upgrading of the insulation production
  • ZTR was successfully audited in eco management system
ZTR-Inform: I quarter 2013 375 Кб

ZTR-Inform: I quarter 2013

  • ZTR will supply 8 transformers for Uruguay.
  • ZTR is keeping on collaboration with LITGRID Company.
  • Park of ZTR transformers will provide electric power for
  • infrastructure of Olympic Complex in Sochi.
ZTR-Inform: IV quarter 2012 249 Кб

ZTR-Inform: IV quarter 2012

  • Mutual collaboration was signed between ZTR and FNC of UPS
  • ZTR has completed project concerning updating of autotransformers for Russia
  • Market of non-traditional energy is increased by ZTR
  • Insulating production will be modernized by ZTR
ZTR-Inform: III quarter 2012 208 Кб

ZTR-Inform: III quarter 2012

  • ZTR is the leader for 65 years
  • Kenya has become the country in ZTR reference deliveries
  • ZTR: technical leadership, reform continuation
ZTR-Inform: II quarter 2012 403 Кб

ZTR-Inform: II quarter 2012

  • ZTR has provided the object operation of Euro-2012
  • Transformer '1000 MVA' for Russia will be manufactured by ZTR
  • Furnace transformers for Guatemala will be manufactured by ZTR
  • ZTR is the winner of the first round of All-Ukrainian rating
ZTR-Inform: I quarter 2012 2312 Кб

ZTR-Inform: I quarter 2012

  • ZTR will supply transformers for DOOSAN Corporation, Vietnam
  • ZTR has been successfully inspected by Russian auditors
  • Autotransformers at the Olympic Substations have been successfully tested
  • ZTR will manufacture 7 reactors for India
  • Certification of welding production acc.to the international standard ISO 3834 within ZTR
ZTR-Inform IV quarter 2011 1666 Кб

ZTR-Inform IV quarter 2011

  • ZTR has entered the USA market.
  • Insulation production is to be modernized by ZTR.
  • Unique ZTR equipment for the intelligent networks.
ZTR-Inform: III quarter 2011 388 Кб

ZTR-Inform: III quarter 2011

  • ZTR will supply 16 single phase transformers to HPP Sayano-Sushenskaya
  • For the first time ZTR manufactured the furnace transformer 9 MVA 13,8 kV
  • ZTR invests for the modernization of welding production
  • ZTR will supply transformers to the capital of Kazakhstan within the shortest period
ZTR-Inform II quarter 2011 327 Кб

ZTR-Inform II quarter 2011

  • ZTR has updated the technology of testing of shunt reactors.
  • Bureau Veritas has carried out “Zaporozhtransformator” certification.
  • Updating of paint production is in progress.
ZTR-Inform: I quarter 2011 285 Кб

ZTR-Inform: I quarter 2011

  • ZTR is planning to increase sales for 50% in 2011
  • Technical reforms of ZTR
  • ZTR is the most effective company of Ukrainian engineering industry