Spare parts management

Our company supplies spare parts and components for the transformer equipment of our own production, as well as of other leading manufacturers. Any spare parts and components either of our own production or of any world’s producer upon the Customer’s request or for repair and modernization projects can be supplied.

The need for the supply of spare parts and components  for replacement of worn or failed components can be determined independently by the Customer or by  ZTR Service Center within the projects of  modernization and diagnostics of transformer equipment.



Regardless of the equipment  lifetime ZTR service engineers will:

  • perform the assessment of the technical condition of the transformer equipment, its components;
  • identify and prioritize the need for replacement of components, based on their technical condition;
  • if necessary, together with the specialists of the chief designer department, pick up modern analogues of the components  of own production or of any of the world's producers;
  • provide consulting services when carrying out installation and commissioning of the supplied equipment and components.

Major spare parts and components, manufactured and supplied by ZTR:

  • Control cabinets of cooling systems of different types and desired control algorithm;
  • Tap changer devices – OLTC and OCTC;
  • Cooling systems and fans of different types;
  • Safety and shutoff valves, shutoff fittings, conservators, etc.;
  • Bushings for different applications and voltage classes;
  • Windings of the transformers produced at the factory for emergency and restoration repairs to be performed at site.

Also ZTR offers Monitoring, Diagnostic and Control Expert System of its own design - "ESMDU-TRANS” for transformers in operation .

System "ESMDU-TRANS" is  purposed  for:

  • monitoring the technical condition of the transformer equipment during operation;
  • generation of diagnostic, warning and emergency messages;
  • database management;
  • transmission of information on the technical condition of the equipment in the automatic control system of substation (ACS SS).